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Charlie Russell’s Live Show Oct.19, 2013 with Special Guest Kevin Van Tighem

Charlie Russell Live Show Oct.19, 2013

Charlie Russell Live Show Oct.19, 2013   Special Guest MC Announced: Kevin Van Tighem, biologist, retired Banff Park Superintendent and best-selling author.

Bears Forever Launch Radio Anti-Trophy Hunting Ads Today!

Message from Bears Forever,News of our trophy hunting ban is about to hit 50 communities all across northern BC. We asked you to help fund a radio blitz so we could talk directly to hunters. Now it’s time to kick this off at a bigger scale than we were planning.Starting Monday, CFNR Radio is ready to put the first two Bears Forever radio ads in heavy rotation. We’ll be on during primetime, 7 times a day for 14 days straight. We picked CFNR, a popular news and classic rock network, because it reaches exactly the areas we need to talk to. When trophy hunters and guide outfitters are loading their boats and staging for bear hunts in Terrace, Smithers, Prince Rupert or Bella Coola, they’ll be hearing from all of us.But we’re not just talking to trophy hunters. We also want to reach the 95% of licensed BC hunters who agree that “you shouldn’t be hunting if you’re not prepared to eat what you kill”(1). Those are our kind of hunters, and we need them and their families on our side.

CFNR’s network includes broadcast towers in places like Telegraph Creek and Anahim Lake, Gitsegukla and Gitwinksihlkw — First Nations communities outside the Great Bear Rainforest, but where people share the same values when it comes to needless killing. We need those families on our side too.

If you or anyone you know lives in any of the 50 communities where they get CFNR, tell them to tune in, starting Monday! We want to spark conversations all over the coast about the difference between real hunters and trophy hunters.

You can preview our radio ads online by clicking here.

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to donate for this action. There will be other ways to help! We appreciate your support and look forward to telling you more good news as this movement grows.


Jessie Housty

On behalf of Megan, Jason, Doug, William, Frank, Jennifer, and the rest of the Coastal First Nations Bear Working Group.
1. New poll shows overwhelming support for First Nations ban on trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest |

Bears Forever Project · 211 E Georgia St, 105, Vancouver, BC V6A 1Z6, Canada

Announcing 21st International Conference on Bear Research and Management in India, Nov’13


Bears Matter supports IBA and has been a member since 2004.  I, unfortunately, will not be attending this up and coming conference in India but I look forward to attending more IBA conferences in the future.  I encourage anyone who has an interest in bears, either professional or personal, should look into becoming a member of this worthwhile international organization.  I send my very best wishes to conference organizers and attendees for a very successful conference and safe travels to all! Barb M.  

For Conference details go to: 

For More Information on International Bear Association :

Bears Matter Attending 3rd Annual Advancing Bear Care Conference Oct’13! Yahoo!


Oct 2013 Advanding Bear Care Conference

Note from Bears Matter:  I am so looking forward to going to my third Advancing Bear Care conference this October since 2009.  On my return, I plan to post highlights of what I learn from this conference.  There is an outstanding list of speakers and participants from around the world that I admire and fully support in their work in bear conservation, research and education! Barb M.

From the conference home page:

​How do bears learn, problem solve, communicate, and respond to their environment? Join us at Advancing Bear Care 2013 – Understanding Bears to explore the cognitive and physical needs of captive bears, and learn how to provide stimulating complex natural environments to meet those needs. Go to ABC 2013 UPDATES for complete details on conference fees and activities.

To register for ABC 2013 Go to website for more information:


Confirmed speakers include world leading experts in bear care, welfare, and conservation.

Robyn Appleton – Spectacled Bear Conservation – Peru

Dr. Heather Bacon – Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education

Dr. John Beecham – Bear Rehabilitation Research

Dr. Kelcey Burguess – American black bear/human living in New Jersey

Nicola Field – Animals Asia Foundation – China

Dr. Gabriella Fredriksson – Sun Bear Environmental Education Facility, Indonesia

Valerie Hare – The Shape of Enrichment

Angelika Langen – Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter

Tracy Leaver – Woodlands Wildlife Refuge

Dr. William McShea – Bears of China

David Morales – Queens Zoo

Else Poulsen – The Language of Bears

Jay Pratte – Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, Operant Conditioning

Dr. Jill Robinson MBE – Animals Asia Foundation

Charlie Russell – Brown Bear Behavior  

Kartick Satyanarayan – Rescuing the last of the dancing bears of India

Dr. Geeta Seshamani – Caring for bears in India’s bear sanctuary 

Annemarie Weeganaar –  Animals Asia Foundation – Vietnam

Benjamin Kilham’s long awaited second book coming out this November!

Benjamin Kilham's new book coming in November!

Out on a Limb

What Black Bears Have Taught Me About Intelligence and Intuition

by Benjamin Kilham

Taken from: 

Foreword by Temple Grandin

“Magnificent! Out on a Limb is a brilliant read. Kilham perfectly exemplifies how much the world has to gain from the exceptional insights of dyslexic individuals, who often possess a special talent for finding order hidden in the complex patterns of the real world. We cannot recommend this book highly enough.”—Brock and Fernette Eide, authors of The Dyslexic Advantage

In Out on a Limb, Ben Kilham invites us into the world he has come to know best: the world of black bears. 

For decades, Kilham has studied wild black bears in a vast tract of Northern New Hampshire woodlands. At times, he has also taken in orphaned infants—feeding them, walking them through the forest for months to help them decipher their natural world, and eventually reintroducing them back into the wild. Once free, the orphaned bears still regard him as their mother. And one of these bears, now a 17-year-old female, has given him extraordinary access to her daily life, opening a rare window into how she and the wild bears she lives among carry out their daily lives, raise their young, and communicate.

Witnessing this world has led to some remarkable discoveries.  For years, scientists have considered black bears to be mostly solitary.  Kilham’s observations, though, reveal the extraordinary interactions wild bears have with each other. They form friendships and alliances; abide by a code of conduct that keeps their world orderly; and when their own food supplies are ample, they even help out other bears in need.  

Could these cooperative behaviors, he asks, mimic behavior that existed in the animal that became human?  In watching bears, do we see our earliest forms of communications unfold? 

Kilham’s dyslexia once barred him from getting an advanced academic degree, securing funding for his research, and publishing his observations in the scientific literature. After being shunned by the traditional scientific community, though, Kilham’s unique findings now interest bear researchers worldwide. His techniques even aid scientists working with pandas in China and bears in Russia.

Moreover, the observation skills that fueled Kilham’s exceptional work turned out to be born of his dyslexia. His ability to think in pictures and decipher systems makes him a unique interpreter of the bear’s world.

Out on a Limb delivers Kilham’s fascinating glimpse at the inner world of bears, and also makes a passionate case for science, and education in general, to open its doors to different ways of learning and researching—doors that could lead to far broader realms of discovery.

Kilham and his work have been featured in five internationally televised documentaries. In addition to being on over forty nationally broadcast radio shows including National Public Radio, he has appeared on The Today ShowGood Morning AmericaABC Nightly NewsThe David Letterman Show, and more.


About the Author

Benjamin Kilham

Benjamin Kilham has been researching and living with black bears for nearly twenty years. He has become an expert in black bear behavior, as well as in rehabilitating orphaned and injured bears and reintroducing them to the wild. He is invited to lecture all over the United States and internationally. His previous book is Among the Bears, Raising Orphan Cubs in the Wild. Kilham and his work with black bears have been featured in five internationally televised documentaries, including National Geographic and Discovery Channel features, and he has appeared on The Today Show, Good Morning America, ABC …


Exciting New Book ‘Bears without Fear’ for Outdoor Enthusiasts,Wildlife Managers & Bear People!


Without Fear
by Kevin Van Tighem
ISBN 9781927330319
5.5 x 8.5 inches
304 pages
$25.00 (CAD)

Fear of bears seems almost to be part of what it is to be human. Our species emerged out of the depths of time into a world already populated by these great carnivores. Before we mastered iron and later developed firearms, we had few defences against bears—only watchful caution and elaborate ceremonies and sacrifices to ward off fear.

Where human populations grow, bears have traditionally dwindled or disappeared. But when we return to the wild, to places where bears still survive, all our primeval fears awaken again. The risk of an automobile accident on the way to bear country far outstrips the risk of a close-range encounter with a bear, but it’s the bear that worries us as we hurtle down the pavement at a hundred kilometres an hour.

In this timely and sensitive book, Kevin Van Tighem calls on decades of experience, knowledge and understanding in order to enlighten readers about our relationship with and attitude toward bears. Along the way we are confronted with the realities confronting these great animals as a result of our ever-expanding human population and their ever-shrinking natural habitat. Through historical research, field observation, practical advice, personal anecdotes and an array of stunning photos, Van Tighem has written a comprehensive book that is meant to demystify bears in order to promote a deeper understanding of these powerful yet vulnerable creatures.