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Vancouver Sun Editorial: Ban trophy hunt of grizzly bears

Now we have another study that indicates our pig-headed and intransigent government is on the wrong side of the public’s desires with respect to its peculiar enthusiasm for endorsing trophy hunting of a species that has already been extirpated from much of its range. Photograph by: JONATHAN HAYWARD, THE CANADIAN PRESS

Now we have another study that indicates our pig-headed and intransigent government is on the wrong side of the public’s desires with respect to its peculiar enthusiasm for endorsing trophy hunting of a species that has already been extirpated from much of its range.

87 per cent of British Columbia residents oppose hunt, survey shows, Vancouver Sun January 31, 2014 3:37 PM

Citing strong public demand, the provincial government is moving ahead with plans to reform liquor laws in ways that were once unthinkable: retail sales in grocery stores, easing of regulations to permit parents to bring children into establishments serving drinks, opening restrictions on the discounting of alcoholic beverages during Happy Hour.

So if public demand is such a key driver in changing the way government does things, why isn’t the province moving swiftly to ban trophy hunting of grizzly bears? Surveys — real opinion polls, not self-selected posts to a government website or submissions from stakeholders with a vested interest — show the vast majority of us are strongly opposed to the practice and its sanction by provincial authorities.

(Bears Matter note: Send Letter to Premier Clark:  and go to and Like and Share: re: Feb 15 at 2pm Rally in Victoria at the steps of the Legislature Bldg)

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Criminal Smiles, Two Poems by Kiff Archer (‘Stop the Trophy Hunt of Grizzlies in BC’ Campaign)


      Never could handle seeing dead Bears.

But people kept responding returning emails.

Had to see Grandpa Bear hanging from a chain.

All day long again and again..

As I got sicker and sicker.
Strange energies took over.

After teaching 9 fitness students.
Usually exhausting 63 year old trainers.

If we agree killing defenseless Bears.
No more obvious form of disrespecting where we’re all from.

Reopening Bear killing areas after years of eco tours.

Big Bears all have names and don’t run away anymore.

Fish in a barrel mass murdering games.

Barrel full of Grizzlies with friendly names.

If or when spring killing sprees arrive.

Cameras walking with Bears, pepper spraying murderous eyes.


    Great Bear Rainforest winter 2014,

                                        Standing beside dead bears.

Hanging from chains.

Blood on their hands.

Should be hanging their heads in shame.

Look away all you wish.

Don’t remember their pain.

The Bears won’t forget your name.

When everyone becomes part of everything.

Heads capes and paws for trophies.

Rationalizing killing games.

Leaving damaged children’s minds behind..

Taking lives of magnificent forest kings.

                                   Abnormalities of mentalities.

Walking amongst us normally.

Karma’s taking its obvious tolls.

Bloated eyes and damaged souls.

-Pakwani Kiff Archer

BC Bear & Wolf Patrols.


Grizzly Trophy Hunter’s 2012 Petition Asking BC Govt to Support Them

Support the BC Grizzly Hunt

Petition published by  ‘Support the BC Grizzly Hunt’ on Apr 02, 2012
11446 Signatures  Bears Matter Note: If you click on signatures you can see them and then the comments and make your own comments. The Faltering Light petition produced over 63,000 signatures against trophy hunt of Bears in BC starting Mar’10 and now another one with 5,400 signatories in 11 days! pls read letter, edit if you wish and send then share with contacts!          Thank YOU! B.M. – BM notes in red or blue in this posting.
Target: The BC Government – Premiers Office
Region: Canada
Petition Background (Preamble):

Hunters and outdoorsmen have long been the true conservationists ?in Canada, North America, and the world. The money spent by Hunters and Outdoorsmen and the true care for how wildlife is managed properly is surpassed by no group.?
Several lobby groups have attempted to pressure and persuade the BC government (among others) to end sport hunting. Sport hunting is a very useful and important tool in wildlife management and no group is more passionate about wildlife and proper management than outdoorsmen and the hunting community. These lobby groups have targetted the BC Grizzly bear hunt in an attempt to eventually end all sport hunting. ? ???
Game management is important to all groups of outdoor recreationalists, tourits, outdoorsmen, and the future generations in Canada, North America, and the world. The endless projects and financial support for wildlife management by outdoorsmen have led the way to create stable and supporting management practices.? (Interesting, we need to ask the Alberta Trophy Hunters of Grizzlies what happened in their province when hunt closed 2006?)Human impact will continue to provide challenges to managing wildlife properly ( we agree!). This petition is created to show the numbers of people who truly support proper wildlife management and who feel that the BC grizzly hunt should not be cancelled due to pressure from Lobby groups whose interests do not lie in proper or sustainable wildlife management.

Petition: Our Petition:

Please continue to support effective wildlife management practices. This is a show of support to continue the BC Grizzly bear hunt as well as all sport hunting as a means of wildlife management and conservation.?

Regards,The Undersigned.

Letter to Premier Clark: SHOULD WE, Not CAN WE continue the Trophy Hunt of Grizzlies Bears

January 20, 2014

 The Honorable Premier Christy Clark

Box 9041 St Prov Gov, Victoria, B.C.  V8W 9E1

 Premier Clark;

 Re:  Grizzly and Black Bear Trophy Hunt.

 Where are the ethical arguments in the ongoing debate on the trophy hunting of grizzly and black bears in B.C.? Pronouncements from your government have dealt with only the technical or “scientific” aspects of the hunt, and have avoided what I believe to be the more important question – that is, should we and not can we continue the hunt?

A previous announcement of a government – appointed scientific panel that there are enough bears in B.C. to sustain trophy hunting addresses only the technical or supply part of the question.  I do not want my government to make trophy hunting decisions based only on this factor. I want such decisions to consider the ethical issue of whether we should be killing these icons of our forests at all.

A previous provincial minister stated that the government would make a “…principled decision…”on the hunt, based on “scientific principles and not politics”; that is to say, if there are enough bears, then a hunt can be justified. I don’t agree with this justification. I think there is more than scientific principle here that must be considered.  It’s in the political arena where we should be arguing the ethics of the trophy hunt – an argument that is long overdue in this province. Basing a trophy hunt solely on having enough bears to sustain it is like saying slave trading has merit simply because there are enough people to guarantee supply. Of course changing cultural and ethical attitudes have long ago condemned this practice.  Trophy hunting has also suffered from a shift in cultural attitude. Polls show a large majority of the public is now opposed to the hunt, including a majority of hunters. The mood of the public is clear. We shouldnot have a bear trophy hunt in B.C. I believe that it is your government’s duty to follow this direction, particularly when there is no biological or management purpose served by a trophy hunt.

Advocates of the trophy hunt will argue that their pursuit has a traditional and economic importance.  These arguments can be countered. We cannot forget that what’s being discussed is a trophy hunt, not a food hunt, and there are no traditional sustenance issues at stake. As far as economic issues are concerned, the value of the hunt to the hunting guides and to the province as license revenue can be offset by the economic value of live bears to the ecotourism industry.  I’m generally reluctant to commodify resources just to place a value on them, but I can’t resist quoting from a report from the Centre for Responsible Tourism that says that bear watching is more profitable than bear hunting – perhaps 12 times in visitor spending and 11 times in government revenue. Even if there were some validity to the pro-hunting argument, surely in an advanced society such as ours, issues of ethics must trump.

To summarize, it’s time  to apply a broader context to the issue of bear trophy hunting in B.C.  It’s not just about the number of bears, it’s also about how we feel about these forest icons, their ecological role in the forest ecosystem, and their economic value to ecotourism. Bears are a public resource, and the public must have an opportunity to debate their future. I think that as Premier, you should broaden the discussion on the bear trophy hunt to include the ethics of the hunt and the broader values that the bears offer to our society. It’s clear to me that such a discussion would validate a decision to end the trophy hunt. 

In my view, a spring without the annual bear trophy hunt would satisfy most of the B.C. public and protect the broader values of the bears to society.

Please do the right thing and stop the trophy hunting of bears. The pro-hunt lobby will have to adapt. The slave traders did.


 Ross Peterson, BC

 cc. S. Thompson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations

      M. Stilwell, MLA

NEW SaveBCBears Facebook Page and Rally Event Feb 15, 2014


Dear Friends,

A New Facebook page has been launched for an event in Victoria called “Save BC Bears”. Please help spread the word by face to face, by email, by Facebook – whatever works. (Go to –

“Save BC Bears” is a public demonstration to end trophy hunting in B.C. 

Trophy hunting is not subsistence hunting. It is killing for sport, then cutting off a body part or taking the fur and for a photo op. After 13 years of peace, bears in two regions of the Cariboo could once again be targets of the trophy hunt this spring, if the govt proposals goes thru?.  And after only 2 short years of closure 2 regions of the Kootenay’s are also proposed to be re-opened?  Even though a recent study shows that grizzly bear kills have exceeded the government’s limits in all areas of the province – up to 171% in some areas. Scientists are calling for a halt to the hunt, given these shocking revelations, but the government is turning a blind eye.

Save BC Bears is not alone in thinking that this senseless sport killing is unethical, and that it is crazy for the government to ignore the best science available. In fact, a 2013 survey found that 90% of British Columbians are against trophy hunting. Furthermore, BC Coastal First Nations have united in declaring a ban on trophy hunting in their traditional territories. (A ban that the BC government refuses to honour.)

Please join us in telling BC’s elected representatives that the trophy hunt must be stopped.On Saturday, February 15th there will be a demonstration on the steps of the Parliament Buildings in Victoria. It will kick off at 2 P.M.

There will be expert speakers, and a team of volunteers collecting signatures for letters to Minister Steve Thomson (the Minister responsible for hunting regulations in BC).

This is an event that Save the Bears group is organizing, and pouring much personal time, resources and heart into. The more people who are present, the stronger our message is.

Please come and join us if you can, and please forward this message on to as many friends as possible!