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Videos of Four Justice for BC Grizzlies Speakers’ Sept 13’16 w Charlie Russell

Watch Short Speeches from Four Justice for BC Grizzlies’ Speakers

Please watch Val Murray, Spokesperson for Justice for BC Grizzlies:

Please watch Charlie Russell, Honourary Grizzly Ambassador

Please watch Barb Murray, Grizzly Ambassador

Please watch George Rammell , Grizzly Ambassador

Now Everyone Take The Pledge at : or

then please share Pledge Link before Provincial Election May 9, 2017

Thank you on behalf of our grizzlies!


Commons BCIT Article Sept 13’16 Justice For BC Grizzlies Advocacy Group Pledge & Campaign!

Posted on September 13, 2016 by Aneesa HeatheringtoThe size of a grizzly bear paw print is demonstrated at a Justice for BC Grizzlies press conference. (Paulina Wu/BCIT News)

Justice for BC Grizzlies announced a plan of action to save grizzly bears by raising awareness and making the grizzly hunt an issue in the 2017 election.

Co-founder of Justice for BC Grizzlies, Val Murray, stressed the importance of ending the hunt and the potential economic benefit.

“Keeping bears alive is worth much more to the government and to the people of this province than killing them ever will.”

The advocacy group calls the killings unjust and a threat to the grizzly population structure, as bears are forced further and further north to avoid human interference.
Grizzly bear advocate and Justice for BC Grizzlies spokesperson Charlie Russell is experienced in dealing with bears. (Justice for BC Grizzlies)
Justice for B.C Grizzlies’ spokesperson and grizzly bear advocate Charlie Russell




Murray says that wildlife viewing, in partnership with local communities, can generate more profits for the government than trophy hunting.

Justice for BC Grizzlies is asking BC voters to keep the grizzly hunt high on the political radar leading up to the May 9th, 2017 provincial election and pledge to spread the word.



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Press Conference: Justice for BC Grizzlies Vancouver Launch Sept 13, 2016 @ 10am

Event Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2016, 10 a.m.                                                                          The Sylvia Hotel, 1154 Gilford Street across Beach Ave   Public Invited

“I PLEDGE to help end BC’s unjust grizzly hunt by reaching out to as many fellow voters and political candidates as possible between now and the May 9 2017 provincial election!”

Justice for BC Grizzlies, an advocacy group founded in March 2016 for the purpose of ending the grizzly bear hunt, is taking action to stop the hunt. “Election time is coming, and our information indicates overwhelming support province-wide for ending the grizzlies bear hunt,” said Val Murray, who helped found Justice for BC Grizzlies.

To make sure Premier Christy Clark is hearing this message, the group is asking voters throughout the province to “Take the Pledge” and help keep the grizzly bear hunt an uppermost election issue at a press conference to be held September 13, 2016 in Vancouver. Charlile Russell, grizzly bear expert and the honourary spokesperson for Justice for BC Grizzlies, will speak at the press conference about what he has learned from living and working with grizzly bears in BC, Alberta, Alaska and Russia. His experience with grizzlies offers compelling reasons why killing these majestic and intelligent animals is unacceptable.


Robert Bateman says “Charlie Russell is a hero who deserves prominence in Canadian consciousness and beyond. Charlie’s work opens our eyes to the breadth and depth of bears in particular, and nature in
general. Let us hope that his sensitivity is contagious,”

Murray: “Given that wildlife viewing generates 10 times more economic spinoffs into our local and provincial economy than trophy hunting, it doesn’t make sense economically, ecologically or ethically to be killing grizzlies.”

Founders of Justice for BC Grizzlies, Val Murray will also speak. There will be
a question and answer period following the presentations and Justice for BC Grizzlies supporters
will be available for interviews.

For information, visit:;


Val Murray

Facebook: @justiceforbcgrizzlies; Twitter: @justice4bcgrizz


New B.C. charity founded to protect province’s grizzly bears

web-bc-audain-grizzly0908 VANCOUVER — The Globe and Mail Published Thursday, Sep. 08, 2016 3:45PM EDT Last updated Thursday, Sep. 08, 2016 3:46PM Michael Audain, one of British Columbia’s leading philanthropists and the chairman of Polygon Homes Ltd., had been waiting for hours in the rain when four grizzly bears emerged from the dripping rainforest and began walking toward him. The mother and three cubs passed so close he could see beads of water on their rippling fur. “I found them quite awe-inspiring,” said Mr. Audain in an interview. “I felt completely comfortable and the bears seemed to feel completely comfortable with us and I said, ‘wow, that’s absolutely wonderful.’” Continue reading

Justice for BC Grizzlies & Kyle Artelle’s Interview on CBC Radio’Aug17’16


BC Almanac – CBC Radio One

Host: Chris Walker

August 17, 2016

Podcast Link:  Interview with Justice for BC Grizzlies’Val Murray and others starts at 17:20min mark.

Chris Walker:

Some people believe it’s barbaric. For some though it’s a sport. Hunting grizzly bears is a contentious issue in BC. It is legal. Some conservationists think it should be banned. Organizations like Raincoast and Justice for BC Grizzly Bears want to put pressure on the BC Liberals to ban the hunting of these predators. We’d like to hear from you now. Do you hunt for sport? Do you think hunting should remain legal and regulated when it comes to bears, or other animals for that matter? Maybe you think the trophy hunting for grizzly bears should be banned. Maybe not. Give us a call and let us know what you think, around the province. 1-800-825-5950. In the Lower mainland 604-669-3733. On your cell phone * or # 690. You can also tweet us, by the way, at BC Almanac or @ChrisWalkercbc.

We’ve got three quests on the line with us today. We’re joined by Kyle Artelle. He’s a Raincoast Foundation Conservationist and PhD Biology candidate at Simon Fraser University. Good afternoon, Kyle. We’re also joined in our studio in Kelowna by a spokesperson for the BC Wildlife Federation, Jesse Zeman. Good afternoon, Jesse. And finally, we have on the line Val Murray from Justice for BC Grizzlies. Good afternoon, Val. And Val, we’ll start with you. Tell us a bit about Justice for BC Grizzlies and what you’re looking for from the provincial government.

VM: Sure. You bet! Justice for BC Grizzlies is a grassroots movement of concerned citizens and what we want is for the hunt of grizzly bears to become an election issue. And we are galvanizing BC voters around the province; we’re having a really good response. The social consciousness in the province is changing and we’re going to capitalize on that between now and the election.

CW: And why are you opposed to the hunt?

Continue reading