Horgan and NDP Commits to Ban Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunt- November 24, 2016

November 24, 2016


ndppressconfnov23rdVANCOUVER– New Democrat leader John Horgan announced a New Democrat government will ban the trophy hunting of grizzly bears in British Columbia.

“It’s time for some leadership here,” said Horgan. “We can look after our natural environment, respect the outdoor traditions of this province and grow the economy if we make the right choices. That should start now with a change in how we treat the iconic grizzly bears of B.C.”

Horgan added, “This province has a proud outdoor heritage that includes hunting and fishing. We also have a future that includes welcoming the world to enjoy our spectacular scenery and wildlife, creating jobs for British Columbians and a tourism industry that is second to none. Our heritage and our future can thrive together if we make the right choices.”

“The Coastal First Nations banned the grizzly trophy hunt in the Great Bear Rainforest four years ago. A provincial ban is long overdue to stop the needless killing of grizzly bears for sport. Grizzly bears are respected by many First Nations across the province. Bear claws, hides and teeth are not trophies,” said Doug Neasloss, Chief Councillor for the Kitasoo/Xai’Xais.

“The wildlife viewing industry is booming in this province, and creating good jobs from Vancouver to Stewart,” said Spencer Chandra Herbert, the B.C. New Democrat spokesperson for tourism, “Grizzlies are an iconic species and B.C.’s grizzlies can continue to attract visitors from all over the world if we make the right choices.”

Horgan added that his party had introduced legislation to ensure wildlife and habitat management has secure funding in the province – a bill supported by hunters and wildlife viewing companies, but rejected by the government.

“Wildlife, wildlife habitat, and the families, communities and economies that depend on them can’t wait any longer,” said Horgan, “Christy Clark won’t act, but I will.”


Mike Smyth Column: Election Showdown looms over BC Grizzly Hunting Oct 23, 2016


A report by two out-of-province scientists say the grizzly hunt in B.C. is sustainable and that the bear population is being well managed. But an overwhelming majority in B.C want to see the hunt banned. Jonathan Hayward / THE CANADIAN PRESS


Three years ago, Vancouver art collector Michael Audain was sitting on a log in the rain in the Great Bear Rainforest when something magical happened.

A mother grizzly bear and her three cubs walked by, on their way to feast on spawning salmon in a nearby river.

“She must have known we were there, but she was completely calm and didn’t show the slightest interest in us,” said Audain, the wealthy chairman of Polygon Homes.

“She just ambled slowly by and it was amazingly close — 15 to 20 feet away. It moved me so much I thought, ‘I have to look into this. Maybe there’s something I can do to help safeguard these wonderful creatures.
’ It changed my life.”

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Trophy Film – Trailer by Lush Cosmetics Co.,

In North America, hundreds of grizzly bears are killed for sport by trophy hunters every year. This “sport” is outdated, wasteful and inherently cruel. Trophy examines the effect that trophy hunting has on the people, land and animals. Can we truly justify killing these animals for sport (or for any reason? except in extraordinary circumstances) To see the complete 28min documentary go to: http://www.trophyfilm.com/watchthefilm Please sign the petition at the end of documentary. Thank you, Barb of Bears Matter

Videos of Four Justice for BC Grizzlies Speakers’ Sept 13’16 w Charlie Russell

Watch Short Speeches from Four Justice for BC Grizzlies’ Speakers

Please watch Val Murray, Spokesperson for Justice for BC Grizzlies:

Please watch Charlie Russell, Honourary Grizzly Ambassador

Please watch Barb Murray, Grizzly Ambassador

Please watch George Rammell , Grizzly Ambassador

Now Everyone Take The Pledge at :

www.justiceforbcgrizzlies.com or https://www.change.org/p/take-the-pledge-to-help-end-b-c-s-grizzly-hunt

then please share Pledge Link before Provincial Election May 9, 2017

Thank you on behalf of our grizzlies!


Commons BCIT Article Sept 13’16 Justice For BC Grizzlies Advocacy Group Pledge & Campaign!


Posted on September 13, 2016 by Aneesa HeatheringtoThe size of a grizzly bear paw print is demonstrated at a Justice for BC Grizzlies press conference. (Paulina Wu/BCIT News)

Justice for BC Grizzlies announced a plan of action to save grizzly bears by raising awareness and making the grizzly hunt an issue in the 2017 election.

Co-founder of Justice for BC Grizzlies, Val Murray, stressed the importance of ending the hunt and the potential economic benefit.

“Keeping bears alive is worth much more to the government and to the people of this province than killing them ever will.”

The advocacy group calls the killings unjust and a threat to the grizzly population structure, as bears are forced further and further north to avoid human interference.
Grizzly bear advocate and Justice for BC Grizzlies spokesperson Charlie Russell is experienced in dealing with bears. (Justice for BC Grizzlies)
Justice for B.C Grizzlies’ spokesperson and grizzly bear advocate Charlie Russell




Murray says that wildlife viewing, in partnership with local communities, can generate more profits for the government than trophy hunting.

Justice for BC Grizzlies is asking BC voters to keep the grizzly hunt high on the political radar leading up to the May 9th, 2017 provincial election and pledge to spread the word.



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