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                               Bears Matter Warm Buddy Price List 2014

Large Beary, Lg Panda, Lg, Wooly                   $40

Large Puppy, Large Kitty                                  $40

Small Beary, Small Wooly                                 $35

Moosey                                                            $35

Baby Wooly, Baby Beary                                  $30

Little Buddy Moosey, Kitten, Puppy,                   $28

Kozy Kat                                                          $28

Sleep Time Bear                                               $28

Bear Paw Mitts – Adult                                       $25

Bear Paw Mitts – Child                                       $20  (recommended for 3 to 5yr olds)

Bunny Slippers – Adult                                       $40

Bunny Slippers – Child                                       $35 (recommended for 3 to 5yr olds)

Ultra Body Wrap                                                $40

Ultra Spa Wrap                                                  $40

Wooly Sheep Throw in Bag                                $50

Sleep Sheep Pillow                                            $50

Aromatherapy Sleep Mask                                 $25

Warming Pillow                                                $35

Warming Slippers                                            $44

Baby Blankets with Mini Bear                            $45

Mini Bear                                                         $5

Descriptions of products can be found at

All Warm Buddy Items are Tax-Exempt! Free Bookmarks available!  Note: Items may go ‘out of stock’ without notice and new or sale items may be added. Please come by our display in Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut at the Country Club Centre and Help Save a Bear this Christmas! 

Thank you, Barb of Bears Matter

 Eight Grassroots Organizations Helped by 2014 Bears Matter Fundraiser:

1. Animals Asia, 2. Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Society, 3. Spectacled Bear Conservation Society-Peru, 4. SOS India, 5. North Island Wildlife Recovery Society, 6. Critter Care Wildlife Society, 7. Northern Lights Wildlife Society, 8 Pacific Wild

Free Certicate with every purchase of a Warm Buddy Spa Product at Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut

Animals Asia Home Page July 2014 via Bears Matter

Animals Asia

International United Kingdom Australia United States China Vietnam Germany Italy Hong Kong (繁) Hong Kong (EN)



28 July 2014

#Moonbearmonday: A Game of Thrones

Beautiful moon bear Cintron couldn’t appear more regal overlooking a kingdom that she almost certainly believes to be her own.


25 July 2014

TV documentary focuses on Animals Asia bear worker

An Animals Asia Bear Worker has been chosen as the subject of a government approved TV documentary series aired on Chinese television.


24 July 2014

Vet team bring hope and suffer tragedy in Nanning

With the health checks continuing, members of the vet team have reported back on some of the bears who received care in the first few days of the mission.


23 July 2014

Vet team arrives at Nanning Bear Farm

Animals Asia has sent a team to Nanning for a second week of health checks and surgery at Nanning Bear Farm.


SOS India – Bears etc…Home Page 2014 via Bears Matter

Visit us in India



Working along side the Indian Government, Wildlife SOS continues to create a positive future for bears in India.  Most known for our work rescuing more than 600 ‘Dancing Bears,’ we also work to protect the Asiatic Black Bear, sometimes known as the Moon Bear. From habitat protection to anti-poaching work, we work hard to protect bears across the country.

Learn how we catch poachers through our Forest Watch Program

Want to visit us and meet these bears for yourself?


Thanks to: International Animal Rescue  Hauser Bears One Voice Humane Society International Benindi Fund Ford Foundation 



Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre Home Page 2014 via Bears Matter


Lorries can’t ‘log’ out of Camerons
The Star Online, 20th February 2014BY ISABELLE LAI [...]
30 elephants ravage crops in Telupid
Borneo Post Online, 19th February 2014 [...]
USC students successfully launch Borneo Sun Bear adoption…
Sunshine Coast Queensland, 17th February 2014 [...]
A working day as expensive suit for BSBCC
Text by Tanja AndersenPhotos by BSBCC & Tanja AndersenHere you can read what takes place during a work day at a nice and quiet day at the bear house. The…






 Sun bears are the smallest and least known  members of the bear species. Their populations are rapidly diminishing in Southeast Asia. Habitats are being destroyed by deforestation and sun bears are being brutally killed for commercial exploitation. Baby sun bears are one of the cutest young animals in the world. After their mothers are killed, they are captured as pets and are locked in tiny cages. This is where, as they grow, life in hell begins.The mission of the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC) in Sepilok, Sabah, Malaysia is to rescue these captured sun bears, promoting sun bear conservation in Borneo through animal welfare, conservation, rehabilitation, research and education – to put a stop to these cruel practices.There are currently 33  rescued bears living at the BSBCC.  Sadly, many of them have already spent too many years locked up in cages and their distress and suffering is clear.  But, day by day, we strive to improve their lives and eventually introduce them to the forest once again.

“Big Dreams, Little Bears” a film by Wildhoop Productions.
By renting or buying this documentary, you are supporting the BSBCC as 40% of the profits goes to the bears. Happy Viewing!



To stay in touch with BSBCC news, photographs and videos, please subscribe to our Bear Talk Blog via the RSS Feed on its right hand side and join us online on:



Spectacled Bear Conservation Society-Peru Home Page via Bears Matter


Spectacled Bear Conservation Society – Peru
Research. Education. Community Outreach.

please help us protect spectacled bears!

The goal of Spectacled Bear Conservation – Peru (SBC) is to ensure the conservation of the Spectacled bear in the dry forest habitat of northern Peru through scientific research and education, while working collaboratively with private land owners and rural communities to improve their social and economic well being through community outreach.

The SBC gratefully acknowledges support of the following research collaborators:

Sandiego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research.

Wildlife Media

The SBC gratefully acknowledges the following donors:

Calgary Zoo

Chester Zoo

Wildlife Media


SBC remote cameras and field observations show major weight fluctuations in spectacled bears between the summer and winter months.


Fifth active maternal spectacled bear den site discovered in Batan Grande.


Javier Vallejos Guerrero of the Spectacled Bear Conservation Society wins 2010 ‘DISNEY CONSERVATION HEROES’



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Research. Education. Community Outreach.