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The SayZu Communications Experiment Brought a unique reach of 412,197 twitter feeds to SAVEBCBEARS Rally!



The power of social media is just beginning to show up in grasssroots rallies like those held yesterday by the organizers of the ‘Save BC Bears’ Rally in Victoria.  The rally organizers and participants may have packed off home to get dry and warm but the story doesn’t end with the over 200 people who attended and signed on to a hard copy letter to Premier Clark. It is just the beginning. The ripple effect continues to be felt online and Canadians are still tweeting and texting to the SayZu Cloud until midnight tonight.  The media, government offices of the Premier, and social media is still feeling the afterglow of yesterday’s rally with real time messages being sent from across BC and Canada. Take a look at some of the images from SayZu ‘snap shots’ sent to me by an expert in this new technology.  It is both a fascinating and powerful tool to discover and experiment with as we go forward as ‘grassroot’ conservationists.

  See you at the next Rally to help the Bears or on the next Cloud or both!