Conservationists worried about impending bear hunt by Mark Hume-Globe and Mail

NOTE from BM: Bears Matter Petition Letter to Premier Clark to Ban the Trophy Killing of Grizzly Bears in BC: 

“There’s a real variety of bears that we see there. There are bears that are very wild and others that have been [getting used to humans] for years and years,” he said. “We’ve got a bear we call Mom and … she’s had two sets of triplets over the course of my time doing photo tours there. Literally, a hunter could walk up to within 20 feet and shoot her. She has absolutely no concern for human beings at all. Very much like Big Momma. There’s a whole host of bears that we’ve named. It almost makes me sick to my stomach to think someone could go in there and shoot them.”

Mr. Marriott said the Cariboo wildlife units should remain closed because the bears are so vulnerable, and because they support a growing wildlife-viewing business that makes them more valuable alive than dead.

“This is one of the most spectacular bear-viewing places in the world. It’s on par with the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary,” he said, referring to a provincial park on B.C.’s North Coast. “This whole area where they are trying to expand this hunt is … national-park-like stuff. It’s stunningly beautiful.”

In December, the government decided to open the four wildlife management units – two in the Cariboo and two in the Kootenays – to limited spring hunting, starting in April. Garth Mowat, head of the government’s natural resource science and stewardship section in the Kootenay region, said the province routinely closes management units when game populations are threatened.


2 thoughts on “Conservationists worried about impending bear hunt by Mark Hume-Globe and Mail

  1. diana levine

    Please stop the trophy killing of the grizzly bears. The idea that the government not only will be continuing this practice but will be opening up four additional areas is unthinkable to me. Have you no conscience?

  2. maggie paquet

    The GBPUs in the areas the government says it will re-open have NOT recovered to the habitat capability of those GBPUs. Anyone, in or out of government who says those population units in and around the Chilcotin region have reached their optimum capacity to support healthy populations for grizzlies, doesn’t know what they’re talking about. In addition, even if the GBPUs were supporting viable grizzly populations (which they most definitely are not), there seems to be no hedge against effects of climate change. Somebody with more money than brains, it seems to me, is having an undue influence on the Wildlife Branch to get the right to go in there and shoot those grizzlies.


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