Criminal Smiles, Two Poems by Kiff Archer (‘Stop the Trophy Hunt of Grizzlies in BC’ Campaign)


      Never could handle seeing dead Bears.

But people kept responding returning emails.

Had to see Grandpa Bear hanging from a chain.

All day long again and again..

As I got sicker and sicker.
Strange energies took over.

After teaching 9 fitness students.
Usually exhausting 63 year old trainers.

If we agree killing defenseless Bears.
No more obvious form of disrespecting where we’re all from.

Reopening Bear killing areas after years of eco tours.

Big Bears all have names and don’t run away anymore.

Fish in a barrel mass murdering games.

Barrel full of Grizzlies with friendly names.

If or when spring killing sprees arrive.

Cameras walking with Bears, pepper spraying murderous eyes.


    Great Bear Rainforest winter 2014,

                                        Standing beside dead bears.

Hanging from chains.

Blood on their hands.

Should be hanging their heads in shame.

Look away all you wish.

Don’t remember their pain.

The Bears won’t forget your name.

When everyone becomes part of everything.

Heads capes and paws for trophies.

Rationalizing killing games.

Leaving damaged children’s minds behind..

Taking lives of magnificent forest kings.

                                   Abnormalities of mentalities.

Walking amongst us normally.

Karma’s taking its obvious tolls.

Bloated eyes and damaged souls.

-Pakwani Kiff Archer

BC Bear & Wolf Patrols.


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