About Bears Matter


Bears Matter! That is why our mission at Bears Matter is to help conserve all species of wild bear populations. How? By providing a forum and at times funding for specific bear conservation issues at home and around the world. It is vital to foster a better understanding of bear behaviour and the necessity to preserve bear habitat because bears need our help.

Through our website, facebook, twitter and Instagram accounts Bears Matter shares articles, letters, research and objectives in the field of bear conservation. Another important role of Bears Matter is that of advocate and tireless supporter of multiple bear protection campaigns and corresponding action alerts. At Bears Matter we want to unite with people that share our love for wild and urban bears. Bears are important to our culture, society, economy, spirituality and ecology not only in Canada but around the world. Bears are highly evolved, intelligent and sentient beings that are a critical part of the natural world in which we all live.

Bears Matter also fully endorses and supports rehabilitation of any wild orphan bear species as the preferred option for injured or orphaned cubs because it is the conservation of individual bears which aids research, furthers education and is just the RIGHT THING TO DO! Rehabilitators here in British Columbia help orphan bears (under 12mos old) receive the security and nurturing they need before facing the challenges of a life alone in the wilderness. Governments at home and around the world do not typically fund bear conservation organizations and definitely do not fund wildlife rehabilitators (except in China re: Panda Bear Recovery Program)

Our ultimate goal is to persuade governing decision makers of these well-known and accepted facts about bears and thereby help them draft and adopt appropriate compassionate conservation wildlife policies and practices. It is our wish to see a significant reduction in the number of human-bear interactions and conflicts during the coming decade with the hope that this will reduce the need to kill, relocate and manage bears.

We at Bears Matter advocate for bears with the purest of intentions and remain as independent as possible. I, Barb Murray or operating as the non-profit business Bears Matter, have not or will not ever personally benefit financially or ‘in kind’ from any associations with bear-associated individuals, wildlife agencies, businesses or non-profits. It is our sincere wish that through our voluntary and self-funded work that more and more people will stand up and speak up for bears at home and around the world. It is critically important that all bear species remain viable and wild for many more years and centuries to come!

Sincerely,Barb Murray,

Bears Matter, Nanaimo, BC, Canada


Stop the Grizzly Killing Campaign & Mission

Barb Murray of Bears Matter has been a long-time administrator ( since approx 2010) with Neil and others on the Facebook Page @StopTheGrizzlyKilling  https://www.facebook.com/StoptheGrizzlyKilling/ 

We ran a successful campaign during British Columbia’s Provincial Election – Election Date May 9th 2017!  Bears Matter continues to Campaign independently and along side of Stop the Grizzly Killing Society. The newly elected BC Govt has banned the killing of grizzlies in the Great Bear Rainforest starting April 1st, 2017 but they are looking for input on a new proposal that would see Trophy hunters and resident hunters still killing grizzlies but in the guise of a meat hunt. We are working hard to advertise the call for public input by Nov 2, 2017… at email: Grizzly.Bear@gov.bc.ca  Here is Stop the Grizzly Killing Mission:

” Wilderness needs a voice!”  Through providing a platform for posting current trends in research, recent media, amazing images and a forum for discussion we hope to educate and enhance public awareness. Animal experts are always welcome to participate and contribute to clarify much of the disinformation and mythology based around ecology. Most of humanity live in cities and urban areas, the majority of children today have never even been in a forest or had any interaction with the wild. Unspoiled places where nature and natural processes are left uninterrupted are now very few and oh so precious, they must be protected. The Northwest part of North America is one such place, The Great Bear Rainforest, the largest intact temperate rainforest on earth, real wilderness. This is a place where great creatures roam freely, Bears, Wolves, Eagles and Ravens, they are the icons here. Humans have lived in relative harmony with these creatures in this place for Millennia. This Wilderness faces large challenges, population expansion, human encroachment , habitat loss and diminished food resources all put huge pressure on wildlife. Trophy hunting is a further blow, a clearly unnecessary pressure.

Trophy hunting however is a deplorable and abhorrent activity, opposed by a very large majority of the public. We strive to bring awareness to the issues surrounding this government sanctioned activity. The job of government is not to advocate, but to observe the science and also public sentiment around issues. Trophy hunting removes alpha animals often destabilizing healthy populations and also removes some of the strongest competitors from the gene pool. There is very little public support for the killing of majestic creatures for sport, amusement and profit. Killing for bragging rights and home decorations is a disgusting activity which must be exposed for the deplorable act it is. We speak for and defend wildlife and wilderness.

Stop the Grizzly killing.