Bear Rehabilitators

Critter Care Wildlife Society (Langley, BC) – CCWS provides short and long term care to native mammal species, and through rehabilitation and public education helps prevent suffering of injured and orphaned wildlife.

nlws-logoNorthern Lights Wildlife Society (Smithers, BC) – Though all mammals and birds are accepted, the shelter in Smithers has become known as a rehab facility for bears, moose and deer. 2007/08 saw the beginning of an official grizzly bear rehab project.

North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre (Vancouver Island, BC) – Over the years, NIWRA, has developed its expertise having dealt with oil spills, wildlife rehabilitation, short term rehabilitation of bear, wolf and cougar, and has developed extensive educational programs for the public.

Idaho Black Bear Rehabiliation Centre – IBBR accepts orphaned cubs from Idaho and the surrounding Western states. The Idaho Black Bear Rehab program started in 1989 with the arrival of the first orphaned black bear cub.

Conservation Organizations


Animals Asia – Bear Farm Rescue Organization in China and Vietnam.  The Asiatic Moon Bear is the main species that is being held in small cages so that their bile can be extracted for years…it is a painful, inhumane and completely unnecessary ancient medical practise that must stop if the species is to be protected.


Pacific Wild – Pacific Wild’s co-founder is Ian McAllister and is destined to become your ultimate resource for information on conservation issues and initiatives on the Pacific coast.

International Association of Bear Research and Management (IBA) – A great site for biologists, researchers and animal welfare activists and a good organization to belong to. The IBA is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to the conservation of all species of bears. Stay informed on world wide issues.

Raincoast Conservation Society – Raincoast Conservation Society (1990) is a non-profit research and public education organization. We work in partnership with scientists, First Nations, local communities and non-governmental organizations.

The Valhalla Wilderness Society – The Valhalla Wilderness Society was founded in 1975, in the small West Kootenay village of New Denver, British Columbia. It started as a group of local residents who wanted to save the forested slopes of the Valhalla Range in southeastern B.C. from logging.

Zoocheck Canada – For more than 20 years, Zoocheck has been a leading voice for the protection of wild animals. We are the only Canadian organization with a specific focus on captive wild animal issues and problems.

Wildlife Media – Wildlife Media is a non-profit wildlife conservation organization that produces energetic, epic films about the natural world, and helps to fund critical wildlife projects internationally.

Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre – Help save Sun Bears. The smallest bear in the world is struggling to survive due to habitat loss and forest degradation, illegal hunting for food, medicines and to prevent crop damage; and poaching to capture small cubs for the pet trade.

Centre for Biological Diversity – The Center for Biological Diversity is a nonprofit conservation organization with more than 40,000 members dedicated to the protection of endangered species and wild places.

Spectacled Bear Conservation (Peru) – The goal of Spectacled Bear Conservation – Peru (SBC) is to ensure the conservation of the Spectacled bear in the dry forest habitat of northern Peru through scientific research and education, while working collaboratively with private land owners and rural communities.

Moon – is a group of people campaigning in Korea for the freedom of moonbears through the production of educational media, the establishment of suitable bear sanctuaries and the provision of financial support. seeks volunteers to assist with the organization’s efforts.

David Suzuki Foundation  Our mission is to protect the diversity of nature and our quality of life, now and for the future.Our vision is that within a generation, Canadians act on the understanding that we are all interconnected and interdependent with nature.

Further Resources

Carnivore Conservation – “This website is my personal home page which I (Guillaume Chapron) manage during my free time since summer 2001. It is intended to provide the best up to date information to carnivore conservationists, scientists and concerned citizens.”

The Kerulos Center| Changing the World for Animals LEARN · learn. Explore animal minds and lives in diverse course offerings from The Kerulos Learning Institute. Take a course …

North Shore Black Bear Society – North Shore volunteer bearsmart society working closely with municipalities and provincial authorities to educate residents how to co-exist with bears.

BC Ministry of Environment, Smart Bear Program – A government resource about the problem, prevention, the role of the Conservation Officer Service and BC Bear Tolerant Communities.

The Get Bear Smart Society (GBS) – The Society’s mandate is to protect the well-being and lives of bears by establishing a healthier coexistence between people and bears.

Grizzly Bear Outreach Program – Promoting an accurate understanding of grizzly bears and their recovery in the North Cascades Ecosystem through community education and involvement. Find their blog at

Spirit Bear Youth Coalition – The goal is simple: to give a voice to the endangered white Kermode or spirit bear on British Columbia’s central coast and ensure their future by protecting the last place these bears can call home.

Humane Society International / Canada – Protect the Great Bear Rainforest. Coastal First Nations, conservationists and animal protection organizations are joining forces in a historic campaign to protect the bears of the Great Bear

WSPA – Bear Safe Downloadable Brochure-for both residents and backcountry recreators

Canadian Art Response Team Inc. – The Artist Response Team (ART) is a cultural swat team. ART produces music that responds in a peaceful way to the environmental and social crises of our time, and helps to educate people. ART’s live events that are unique, educational and inspirational

Wildlife SOS India Working along side the Indian Government, Wildlife SOS continues to create a positive future for bears in India.Most known for our work rescuing more than 600 ‘Dancing Bears,’ we also work to protect the Asiatic Black Bear, sometimes known as the Moon Bear. From habitat protection to anti-poaching work, we work hard to protect bears across the country.

IFAW – The International Fund for Animal Welfare works to improve animal welfare, prevent animal cruelty and abuse, protect wildlife and provide animal rescue around the world. From stopping the elephant ivory trade, to ending the Canadian seal hunt etc.

Benjamin Kilham – Benjamin Kilham, Bear Researcher, Author, Rehabilitator

Charlie Russell’s website – Charlie Russell’s revised website and news…please note that previous website is out of date. Charlie Russell, author, naturalist and bear expert has successfully lived and studied bears for more than 50yrs. He has an insight into the world of bears (and people) that we need to fully appreciate so that we can change our attitudes and policies accordingly.

Polar Bear International – Welcome to the Web’s most complete source of polar bear information. Learn more about polar bears and climate change, donate to support projects that benefit the welfare of both wild and captive bears, download educational and scientific information.

Haida Nation of Haida Gwaii – Throughout our history the CHN has negotiated and signed agreements with other Coastal First Nations, Non-Governmental Organizations and local communities and we continue to work on agreements with both the federal and provincial governments.

BC Wild Salmon Blog – BC Wild Salmon are in crisis and we need to find a solution SOON!

STOP THE GRIZZLY HUNT in Kootenay, BC – Website to stop the grizzly bear hunt from continuing and expanding in the Kootenays, B.C.

Ursa Freedom Project – Saving Bear Species from Extinction thru Story and Art

Bear Care Group – “Information on bear behavior, husbandry, enrichment, training, veterinary care and other topics to further global bear welfare and conservation efforts.”

Justice for BC Grizzlies ‘Citizen’s Campaign’ started July’16 email:


Warm Buddy Company – The WB Co. is a sponsor for Bear Matters BC and orphan cubs in Rehab in BC. WB is committed to provide natural alternatives for relief of pain and stress through the use of heat and cold therapy. Products include plush Animals with hot/cold inserts for medicinal hot / cold therapies.