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Bears Matter Attending 3rd Annual Advancing Bear Care Conference Oct’13! Yahoo!


Oct 2013 Advanding Bear Care Conference

Note from Bears Matter:  I am so looking forward to going to my third Advancing Bear Care conference this October since 2009.  On my return, I plan to post highlights of what I learn from this conference.  There is an outstanding list of speakers and participants from around the world that I admire and fully support in their work in bear conservation, research and education! Barb M.

From the conference home page:

​How do bears learn, problem solve, communicate, and respond to their environment? Join us at Advancing Bear Care 2013 – Understanding Bears to explore the cognitive and physical needs of captive bears, and learn how to provide stimulating complex natural environments to meet those needs. Go to ABC 2013 UPDATES for complete details on conference fees and activities.

To register for ABC 2013 Go to website for more information: http://www.bearcaregroup.org


Confirmed speakers include world leading experts in bear care, welfare, and conservation.

Robyn Appleton – Spectacled Bear Conservation – Peru

Dr. Heather Bacon – Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education

Dr. John Beecham – Bear Rehabilitation Research

Dr. Kelcey Burguess – American black bear/human living in New Jersey

Nicola Field – Animals Asia Foundation – China

Dr. Gabriella Fredriksson – Sun Bear Environmental Education Facility, Indonesia

Valerie Hare – The Shape of Enrichment

Angelika Langen – Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter

Tracy Leaver – Woodlands Wildlife Refuge

Dr. William McShea – Bears of China

David Morales – Queens Zoo

Else Poulsen – The Language of Bears

Jay Pratte – Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, Operant Conditioning

Dr. Jill Robinson MBE – Animals Asia Foundation

Charlie Russell – Brown Bear Behavior  

Kartick Satyanarayan – Rescuing the last of the dancing bears of India

Dr. Geeta Seshamani – Caring for bears in India’s bear sanctuary 

Annemarie Weeganaar –  Animals Asia Foundation – Vietnam