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B.C’s Stop the Grizzly Killing Facebook Campaign! Deadline May 9, 2017!


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After a long winter, bears emerge from dens to face Trophy Killers.    They have no chance. It’s time for this to end British Columbia! Not BEAUTIFUL BC, NOT SUPER NATURAL … SUPER DISGUSTING!

Full Campaign Details and Donation Page click on:       www.tiny.cc/SaveTheGrizzlies Please share with friends!

Note: ALL FUNDS go directly to our Canadian campaign. There is no need to pay the Generosity fee, edit fee to 0.00. Before May 9th every dime will be spent on Sponsored Ads!
Election Day, May 9th could be the tipping point for our grizzlies…and their protection and also start to protect their habitat!

Thanking you in advance Barb, Neil, Kyle and our whole team.

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Natural Liberty; Grizzlies Deserve the Right to Live…..Blog by Justice for BC Grizzlies

Someone commented to me recently, “Bears haven’t changed one bit. It’s people that have changed. Bears are still doing what bears have done for thousands of years”. It’s so true.

Wild animals are essentially ownerless in their natural settings. But from early days when nobility and settler groups assumed land title, they also laid claim to all that lived upon those lands. This essentially continues today in the form of provincial authority over Crown lands, which lumps wildlife in with oil, gas, trees, minerals; every form of “resource” extraction.

Consider these observations:

The majority of BC residents are opposed to trophy hunting of Grizzly Bears. Yet other than a short, four-month moratorium on grizzly hunting by the NDP government in 2001, trophy hunting has continued in BC. The government is assumed to hold Crown* land “in public trust” for present and future generations but clearly does not have social license to kill grizzlies. It may even be considered a violation of public trust.

* It must be noted that ~ 95% of the land base in BC is unceded territories of First Nations who take issue with the concept of Crown lands.


Animal law is a field of legal practice that is still young and growing. Few lawyers represent the interests of animals but those who do, do so because they believe that sentient beings deserve their natural liberty and are not property or “chattel”.


The now famous CREST (The Center for Responsible Travel) report of 2014 assessed bear viewing in the Great Bear Rainforest at 12 times more profitable than bear (trophy) hunting. Grizzlies more than “earn their keep” in the province.


All of which lines up on the side of leaving grizzlies in peace to do what they have done for thousands of years.

It’s no stretch to call it an evolutionary impulse, this desire to see animals live in peace. And now is the time. A different attitude exists today than in 1888, for instance, when a black bear cub on Stanley Park grounds was chained to a stump and became the first inhabitant of the zoo. That was acceptable then, as was the donation of four Arctic polar bears to the zoo by the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1962. That simply could not be done in BC today without an activist movement opposing it. And that’s how it should be.

In 2016, it’s justice for Grizzly Bears to have their natural liberty; to eat, play, rest and lumber freely on their home ranges.

Taken from https://justiceforbcgrizzlies.com July 7, 2016

Disgraceful Photo and Practise of Killing Grizzlies for just their heads and photo op!

Bears Matter added: Poster fr BC Guide Outfitters materials in 2013!

Letter copied to Bears Matter and reproduced with permission:

Subject: Super, Natural British Columbia and trophy hunting
Date: March 25, 2016 at 11:14:55 AM PDT
To: shirley.bond.mla@leg.bc.ca
Cc: premier@gov.bc.ca

Dear Minister Bond,
I’ve lived and worked in British Columbia all my life and every day am grateful to have been born here. The recently launched Destination B.C. materials showcase our province’s people, the animals, the communities and pristine wild spaces and I think “yes, this is what my home looks like”.

But there is a glaring disconnect between what the material portrays of B.C. wildlife and the continued legal practice of trophy hunting in this province. It’s a serious schism. Killing wild animals for sport or trophy is a violent, disrespectful practice that certainly wouldn’t be included in tourism materials. This highlights a glaring misalignment of attitudes toward our wild species that needs to be remedied.

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NHL’s Clayton Stoner to Enter Plea for the possible Illegal Killing of a Grizzly

Stoner & Cheeky Photo  

                             Event: Friday, November 13 at 9am to 10am.

            Location: Robson Square Prov Court, 800 Hornby St., Vancouver

The Public is welcome to attend court to hear Clayton Stoner’s plea in the case of the illegal killing of a Grizzly. Hope to see many concerned citizens come out for this important case seeking ‘justice for a grizzly’ and seeking ‘ justice for all grizzly bears in BC.  Pls go to link: https://www.facebook.com/events/913737082039717/

B.C. Government gets Failing Grades in Grizzly Bear Management by Dr. Faisal Moola

Human-caused mortality is the greatest source of death for grizzly bears and is the primary factor limiting grizzly bear populations. The federal Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada lists grizzly bears as a species of special concern.

Human-caused mortality is the greatest source of death for grizzly bears and is the primary factor limiting grizzly bear populations. The federal Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada lists grizzly bears as a species of special concern.

By Faisal Moola, Director General, Ontario and Northern Canada


A century ago, 35,000 grizzly bears lived in British Columbia and also flourished from Alaska to Mexico, and east to Ontario. Today, only about 15,000 grizzly bears inhabit B.C., having disappeared from the Lower Mainland, the Okanagan and around Fort St. John.

Despite being large and ferocious, grizzlies are highly sensitive to human impacts such as loss and fragmentation of their forest and mountain habitats by clearcuts, roads, oil and gas pipelines and other industrial infrastructure. Female bears reproduce later in life and often produce only a small number of cubs that survive into adulthood. Grizzlies travel long distances to find food, putting them at risk of coming into contact with hunters, roads, towns and other human encroachments into their habitat.

Bear experts have long known that if we want to keep grizzlies on the landscape, we must protect their habitat and ensure that the animals are not needlessly killed by humans. These two strategies are at the core of British Columbia’s official policy, the Grizzly Bear Strategy, which has guided management practices in the province since 1995. The ambitious strategy outlines steps to sustain the province’s bears with healthy populations and recover those with declining populations. It requires the government to protect bear habitat in a network of “grizzly bear management areas” where resource development is prevented and/or strictly managed, hunting is prohibited and risk-related recreational activities — such as off-highway vehicle use — are controlled. The plan also recognizes that human-caused mortality must be reduced and kept below sustainable thresholds by conservatively managing the grizzly bear sport hunt.

Our peer-reviewed study found that the government has not delivered on the plan’s goals because it has failed to implement it. The study includes a report card, which found that although progress has been made in developing more accurate population estimates (grade: C), increasing scientific knowledge about grizzly bears (grade: B) and improving public awareness of the species (grade: C), little has been done to implement the Grizzly Bear Strategy to protect grizzly bear habitat (grade: D-) or prevent overkilling of bears, including in the province’s controversial trophy hunt (grade: D). The government was also given a D grade for its inability to maintain the abundance and diversity of grizzly bears.

The B.C. government’s failure to manage grizzly bears effectively under its own policies is having disastrous consequences for the health of the species. Nine sub-populations are now on the verge of extinction, and scientists maintain that the government’s controversial trophy hunt is leading to widespread overkilling of bears.

Despite these alarming findings, government leaders continue to claim that the species is well-managed. This is a tired refrain we’ve heard before with government sanctioned overharvesting responsible for the cod collapse off the East Coast. Other species, such as woodland caribou in the north, have lost habitat to industrial development. By the time government took action, both species were well on their way to disappearing in some areas.

Today’s study is a wake-up call for the B.C government to adopt a precautionary approach to managing bear populations. The good news is that in places such as the U.S., where plans protected and managed the species, grizzly populations have become self-sustaining in places where only a few decades ago they had been written off.

You can help by sending a message to our political leaders that they must protect this iconic species before it’s too late.

Canadians can Join in Action this Saturday betw 2pm to 3pm! Tweet or Text the Rally! See How Here! Also sign Petition Here to Premier to STOP Killing of Grizzlies for a Trophy!

Important: Please View the petition  – Take 1 minute to sign! Thks

Use SayZu! Saturday’s Action Alert to Cdn’s across BC and Canada:This Saturday betw 2pm – 3pm (Pacific Coastal Time) pls Text msg  to 39-39-39 and send your msg starting text with ‘myvote ‘+ your msg + send!  Or you can Tweet  to #NOTROPHYHUNT w your msg! NO extra charges apply! 

VIEW TEXTs or Tweets ‘Msg Cloud’ on Bears Matter’s No Trophy Hunt Page

TELL Premier Clark WHY the Trophy Killing has to be STOPPED not EXPANDED THIS SPRING! Thank you because BC Bears Matter!

 Please View the petition  – Take 1 minute to sign and send auto letter to Premier Christy Clark asking her to stop pandering to American and out of country trophy hunters who come here to kill our grizzlies for their heads and paws! Real hunters don’t kill what they don’t eat!

One Day before Massive Rally in Victoria to Save BC Bears! Share Pls!    Bears Matter  by Bears Matter

  • Note From Rally Organizer: On February 15th hundreds are expected to gather at the B.C. Parliament Buildings at 2 PM for an event called “Save B.C. Bears”, a protest against bear trophy killing and ALSO SayZu makes it possible for any Canadian to show up to the Rally..Pls Tweet/Text, see instruction above on the day betw 2 - 3pm (PST). Speakers at the event include MLA Andrew Weaver, and nationally celebrated poetry ‘power couple’ Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane. There will also be a live musical performance by Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright of ‘the Wilds’.

    The aim of the event is to tell BC’s elected representatives that the trophy hunting of BC’s grizzly bears and black bears must stop, and that grizzly hunting in the Cariboo and Kootenays must not be re-opened this spring.

    Join us on Feb. 15th at the BC Parliament Buildings in Victoria and please help us spread the word as widely as possible!

    More information is available at: www.facebook.com/SaveBCBears or www.bearsmatter.com

‘NEW’ SHORT 3min DOCUMENTARY by Nancy Wagner: Kootenay Grizzlies
https://vimeo.com/85990109 or  https://www.facebook.com/nancywagnerphotography 

You can also view this powerful and inspiring 22min Film called ‘ Bear Witness’ at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDg24d8fF1Q ! Take the Pledge to Stop the Trophy Hunt of Bears on BC’s coast.

See Article http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/chris-genovali/bc-grizzly-hunt_b_4667252.html?utm_hp_ref=tw ‘B.C. Grizzly Hunt Bolstered By Spurious Science’ Feb 12’14

The level of senseless killing and waste in the Trophy Kill of grizzlies is absolute! They are killed for their heads, paws and/or fur. We must finally declare this Legal Killing ‘illegal’  and better protect BC’s grizzly bears, and newborn cubs, now and in future.

We fought for the  whales, now we must fight for the grizzlies!
Thank you,

Barb Murray,                                                                                        Bears Matter

 Below is the Petition Letter 

On January 20, 2014, the following letter below was sent to Premier Christy Clark and all the Member’s of the Legislative Assembly in BC and now is available for you to sign and send through Change.org or you can download a Word Document version to edit and send in yourself.  Please do so and also share with family and friends to help the grizzlies in B.C. be left alone to live wild!

Thank you. Barb M.

Dear Premier Clark:

Re: Protect grizzly bears by banning the trophy hunt

As British Columbians, we live in a democracy where the government is duty-bound to heed the voices of the majority and not pander to a small, vocal segment of the hunting community. As you are aware, opinion polls have consistently shown that the overwhelming majority of British Columbians oppose the trophy hunt of grizzly bears. We urge your government to issue a province-wide ban on the trophy hunt of grizzly bears by fall 2014.

Prior to the province-wide ban coming into effect, we respectfully request that your government immediately withdraw the four proposals to re-open the trophy hunt of grizzly bears in the Cariboo and in the Kootenays. Government biologists recommended the closure of these regions because of over-hunting in 2001 and 2011 respectively.  Another example of our province’s democracy deficit was the public consultation process for these proposed re-openings given the lack of transparency and the very short timeframe to provide comments.

The senseless killing of grizzly bears is morally indefensible and has no place in modern wildlife management practices and policies. Killing these magnificent creatures for “sport” and bragging rights does not in any way contribute to the conservation of the species or increased safety for humans contrary to claims made by special interest groups. Nor is it acceptable to British Columbian taxpayers that our money is being wasted on managing this costly and controversial hunt.

We urge your government to fully support eco-tourism and bear-viewing, which not only benefit the bears but also local economies. The Coastal First Nations recently announced a ban on bear trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest so that they can fully embrace eco-tourism as a vital part of their sustainable future. We wholeheartedly support this important initiative and ask that your government follow their lead.

Lastly, we would like to engage in a dialogue with your government about how we can best protect and celebrate our iconic grizzly bears and their habitat so that future generations will be able to experience the beauty and majesty of these creatures.

One way to celebrate our grizzly bears could be, for example, through the creation of a province-wide Grizzly Bear Sanctuary.

We, the undersigned, look forward to your response to our requests for action and meaningful dialogue on these important and time-sensitive issues.


Bears Matter
British Columbia, Canada