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Trophy Film – Trailer by Lush Cosmetics Co.,

In North America, hundreds of grizzly bears are killed for sport by trophy hunters every year. This “sport” is outdated, wasteful and inherently cruel. Trophy examines the effect that trophy hunting has on the people, land and animals. Can we truly justify killing these animals for sport (or for any reason? except in extraordinary circumstances) To see the complete 28min documentary go to: http://www.trophyfilm.com/watchthefilm Please sign the petition at the end of documentary. Thank you, Barb of Bears Matter

Press Conference: Justice for BC Grizzlies Vancouver Launch Sept 13, 2016 @ 10am

Event Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2016, 10 a.m.                                                                          The Sylvia Hotel, 1154 Gilford Street across Beach Ave   Public Invited

BC TAKE THE PLEDGE  at www.justicebcgrizzlies.com
“I PLEDGE to help end BC’s unjust grizzly hunt by reaching out to as many fellow voters and political candidates as possible between now and the May 9 2017 provincial election!”

Justice for BC Grizzlies, an advocacy group founded in March 2016 for the purpose of ending the grizzly bear hunt, is taking action to stop the hunt. “Election time is coming, and our information indicates overwhelming support province-wide for ending the grizzlies bear hunt,” said Val Murray, who helped found Justice for BC Grizzlies.

To make sure Premier Christy Clark is hearing this message, the group is asking voters throughout the province to “Take the Pledge” and help keep the grizzly bear hunt an uppermost election issue at a press conference to be held September 13, 2016 in Vancouver. Charlile Russell, grizzly bear expert and the honourary spokesperson for Justice for BC Grizzlies, will speak at the press conference about what he has learned from living and working with grizzly bears in BC, Alberta, Alaska and Russia. His experience with grizzlies offers compelling reasons why killing these majestic and intelligent animals is unacceptable.


Robert Bateman says “Charlie Russell is a hero who deserves prominence in Canadian consciousness and beyond. Charlie’s work opens our eyes to the breadth and depth of bears in particular, and nature in
general. Let us hope that his sensitivity is contagious,”

Murray: “Given that wildlife viewing generates 10 times more economic spinoffs into our local and provincial economy than trophy hunting, it doesn’t make sense economically, ecologically or ethically to be killing grizzlies.”

Founders of Justice for BC Grizzlies, Val Murray will also speak. There will be
a question and answer period following the presentations and Justice for BC Grizzlies supporters
will be available for interviews.

For information, visit: www.justiceforbcgrizzlies.com; www.charlierussellbears.com


Val Murray  justiceforbcgrizzlies@telus.net

Facebook: @justiceforbcgrizzlies; Twitter: @justice4bcgrizz


Globe and Mail Opinion: After the Spear Outrage We Must Fight to Protect Canada’s Iconic Bears

Getty Images/istock

Getty Images/istock

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/after-the-spear-outrage-we-must-fight-to-protect-canadas-iconic-bears/article31447415/   August 17, 2016

Julius Strauss is a B.C.-based bear viewing guide and member of the Commercial Bear Viewing Association

The killing of a black bear by a U.S. hunter with a spear this week in Alberta has caused public outrage.

What has shocked is not so much the cruelty involved – the bear survived its initial injuries and ran off into the forest only to die later – but that the bear had been baited, and the act was legal.

The hunter, Josh Bowmar from Ohio, went on to celebrate the feat by posting a video of the killing on YouTube replete with footage from a GoPro he had attached to the spear.

Another hunter said Mr. Bowmar had “cojones” for being willing to approach the bear on foot, as it rummaged around a baited barrel that had been put out specifically for the purpose.

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BC Almanac Podcast with Justice for BC Grizzlies and Others on August 17, 2016

Copy of val - Copy                JusticeforBCGrizzliesLogo

Val Murray  of Justice for BC Grizzlies      Logo for Justice for BC Grizzlies

Listen to podcast at 17:20mark to hear arguments from all sides re: grizzly hunt in BC  – Introducing the new concerned citizen’s group Justice for BC Grizzlies


Go to: www.justiceforbcgrizzlies.com. Facebook: @justiceforbcgrizzlies  Twitter @justice4bcgrizz email: justiceforbcgrizzlies@telus.net




Charlie Russell: Discoverying the True Nature of the Grizzly Bear, YouTube Video March’16


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Hello B.C. Bear Friends,Copy of Russell40

A gift to ALL! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLpyFH1Y-aA&feature=youtu.be

A 46 minute long video and so well worth the view. We must really LISTEN carefully to Charlie Russell’s words and step up ourselves to tell the true story about grizzlies.

We must NOW take Charlie Russell’s life’s message to our politicians, candidates and voters with as much conviction, commitment and passion as he has shown all these years. Now in his mid-seventies, Charlie is still fighting for the grizzlies and we must fight along side him. We have to finally bring peace to our grizzlies in British Columbia and end the killing.

Once we end the killing of grizzlies in our backyard we can help grizzlies in other jurisdictions.
Enjoy and Share,

Justice for BC Grizzlies – Citizen’s Campaign’17 www.justiceforbcgrizzlies.com justiceforbcgrizzlies@telus.net
facebook: @justiceforbcgrizzlies
twitter: @justice4bcgrizz

Note: YouTube Video: Published on Mar 29, 2016 by Wilderness Wildlife and Human Interaction Cochrane Research Institute, Discovering the true nature of the Grizzly Bear

Globe & Mail Article by Gary Mason & Graphic Video; ‘I Challenge BC’s Premier to Watch this Grizzly Bear Hunt Video’

It seems bizarre that we can be outraged by the trophy hunting we witnessed in Africa, but allow the same thing to happen in our own country. (Fotofeeling/Westend61 GmbH)It seems bizarre that we can be outraged by the trophy hunting we witnessed in Africa, but allow the same thing to happen in our own country.
(Fotofeeling/Westend61 GmbH)

The Globe and Mail


There are images that hit the Internet that break our hearts. And there are those that make us furious. A new video making the rounds on social media is managing to do both – and the B.C. government should be alive to the backlash it is creating.

The video opens with a grizzly bear wandering nonchalantly on a remote hillside. A shot rings out that kicks up dust beside the bear, with no evident impact on him. An off-camera voice urges the shooter to fire again. And then the carnage begins: For the next 90 seconds, you can only watch in disgust and horror as the bear is peppered with bullets from a rifle that seems to have only enough power to torture this poor creature to death, rather than end its life in anything resembling a humane way. 
Warning: The video below is extremely graphic. Viewer discretion is advised.http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/british-columbia/i-challenge-bcs-premier-to-watch-this-grizzly-bear-video/article26344883/

There are two parts of the video that are particularly disturbing: the bear running in a tight circle in reaction to the bullets hitting him; and then its final, crushing, end-over-end death tumble down a snow-covered hillside, a trail of deep red blood covering his fall line. Soon, the hunters can be heard laughing and celebrating, elated that the bear’s cartwheel to the bottom of the hill means less work lugging the carcass out of the bush.

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