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BC NDP Takes Aim at $60,000 Donation by Trophy Hunters for BC Liberals Election Campaign-The Straight Article

Read Article: http://www.straight.com/news/885131/bc-ndp-takes-aim-60000-donation-trophy-hunters-bc-liberal-election-campaign  by Carlito Pablo on March 22nd, 2017 at 3:21 PM


Grizzly bear trophy hunters have contributed money to help B.C. Liberals win the election this year, says a B.C. NDP representative.

Provincial NDP leader John Horgan says it’s time to end grizzly-bear hunts in B.C.
Statistics reveal decade-long increase in B.C. hunting licences for grizzlies and black bears
Activists and Lush Cosmetics team up to make film about ending B.C.’s trophy hunt of grizzly bears
Martyn Brown: The grisly business of trophy hunting in Super, Natural British Columbia
Can grizzly bear watchers end B.C.’s trophy hunt?

George Heyman cited a report by the public interest organization Dogwood about a $60,000 kitty put together by U.S. and Canadian chapters of Safari Club International.
The New Democrat MLA for Vancouver-Fairview said that Dogwood’s information came from a Facebook post showing a cheque made out by the hunters to the Guide Outfitters Association of B.C. (GOABC)

According to Heyman, the fund is supposedly meant to assist the guide outfitters association “reelect the Liberal government in B.C., so the trophy hunt continues”.
“Clearly [B.C. Liberal Premier] Christy Clark is happy to have outside organization spends tens of thousands of dollars to help her get reelected, and ignore the desires of the majority of British Columbians to end the trophy hunt of grizzly bears,” Heyman told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview Wednesday (March 22).
In November last year, the B.C. NDP promised that it will end the sport killing of grizzly bears if the party wins the May 9, 2017 provincial election.
“We’ve pledged very clearly that when were elected, we will ban the trophy hunt, and that we’ll work with First Nations such as in the Great Bear Rainforest,” Heyman said.
The Straight called GOABC and requested comment from executive director Scott Ellis. He has yet to return a call as of this posting.
A 2016 report by the GOABC titled ‘Grizzly Bear Management in British Columbia’ stated that hunters harvest less than two percent of the grizzly population

Read Full Article:http://www.straight.com/news/885131/bc-ndp-takes-aim-60000-donation-trophy-hunters-bc-liberal-election-campaign


Letter PQ News: Port Hardy Cubs Need Some Fairness and So Does Officer Bryce Casavant

http://www.pqbnews.com/opinion/letters/317838591.html in response to article      July 14th: Famous Bear Cubs Calling Errington Home for Now by Carli Berry http://www.pqbnews.com/news/315038451.html

Dear Editor,

In 2004 I was involved in a ‘save the cubs’ campaign on the North Shore, very much like the one playing out in Errington at this present time, minus social media.

Our conservation officer killed a yearling cub and a cub of the year with a lethal injection of a tranquilizer drug, kids and media watching.

A short time later another cub of the year was rescued by a District of North Vancouver park ranger and myself and then he too was killed in front of us because he was deemed ‘habituated’ and ‘food conditioned’ by the powers that be in Victoria.

That was the straw that broke the public confidence in the conservation officer service (COS) to do the right and humane thing. Intuitively, the public understand what we in the bear world know to be true: cubs of the year (COY) are not ‘habituated’ to humans forever or ‘food conditioned’ to garbage forever if rehabbed properly and given a remote location release.

This has been proven time and time again over many years with thousands of cubs of the year being successfully released around the world regardless of their early experience before 12 months of age.

There are many experts who have compiled and reported on the data and the Ministry of the Environment have these reports.

So why do they not set policy which reflects known science? Why does the COS create such a long, drawn-out media frenzy over two tiny cubs? It boggles my mind. Here we are 11 years later fighting again to save cubs from a senseless kill order at the same time fighting to save a man’s career in the public service?

Many, many undiscovered orphan cubs in B.C. are left to die as a result of the spring bear hunt, vehicle strikes, industrial development and nuisance mothers.

When we, as a community, learn about a few token cubs that can be rescued and taken to a privately funded, non-profit rehabilitation facility we expect that to happen without drama or spectacle. All we ask of the government is to let us bring a tiny bit of fairness to a tiny newborn bear in an increasingly unfair world.

 Barbara Murray, B.C. Bear Advocate

Nanoose Bay

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Robyn Appleton,Climbing with Bears in Peru, Deep Cove’s Raven Pub, North Vancouver November 24’13 @7pm

Climbing with Bears 7 years in Peru w Robyn Appleton

Climbing with Bears 7 years in Peru w Robyn Appleton

Since 2006, Robyn Appleton, resident of Squamish, B.C. and UBC PhD student has been climbing and studying the rare and endangered Spectacled Bear in the tropical dry forests of North-Western Peru. She will be sharing with us her adventures and research thru amazing stories, photos and video clips of the climbing bears, people and landscape of Peru.

Robyn has been working with a film crew for the past few years and will be featured in the up and coming BEARTREK Film next year! See clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Li2VJWKp5aM 
There is no other bear species in the world that would scale rock faces like this. You are in for a very unique and memorable evening!

Peruvian Hand-Crafted Products for Sale before and after each show! All sales will help support The Spectacled Bear Conservation Society. Help us save the endangered Spectacled (Andean) Bear while giving a much needed boost to the economy of the remote communities of  north-western  Peru. It’s your chance to purchase one of the unique hand woven textiles, carved mates, hand felted animals and birds, sterling silver jewelry, hand knit or wooden toys and much more…

Raven Pub, Deep Cove, November 24 @ 7pm. 1060 Deep Cove Rd, North Vancouver               (604)929-3834 Free!        http://www.theravenpub.com

Robyn Appleton www.sbc-peru.org  


Spectacled Bear Conservation:ExtraBEARganza Sale, Nov 16 &17, 2013, Vancouver Island

                                              Robyn Appleton


You are invited to come Christmas shopping and bring your friends!

   Peruvian handmade products and lots of news to  share…

             Where:       Anglers Marina

                                    Bottom of Marchant

                                   Brentwood Bay 

            When:         Saturday & Sunday

                                    November 16 -17th 2013

             Time:          10am – 4pm            

           Please come and support The Spectacled Bear Conservation Society. Help us save the endangered Spectacled (Andean) Bear while giving a much needed   boost to  the  economy  of  the  remote communities of  north-western  Peru.      It’s your chance to purchase one of the unique hand woven textiles, carved mates, hand felted animals and birds, sterling silver jewelry, hand knit or wooden toys and much more…

Buy the gift that goes on giving 

…enjoy coffee/tea & refreshments while you browse and learn more about the elusive and little known Spectacled bear 

Check us out at:  www.sbc-peru.org

Bears Matter Valentine’s Fundraiser from February 11 to 14, 2013

Bears Matter Panda Valentine’s Fundraiser

 February 11 to February 14th, 2013 HeartRose-rev

Country Club Centre 

3200 North Island Hwy, Nanaimo, B.C.

Bears Matter Booth Inside Centre near Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut Kiosk & Shoppers Drug Mart

$26 & $30 & $40 HST ExemptWarm Buddy Bears

Monday to Wednesday 9:30am to 5:30pm

Valentine’s Day Thursday 9:30am to 9:00pm

www.bearsmatter.com and www.countryclubcentre.com and www.warmbuddy.com

*ALL PROCEEDS OF SALES GO DIRECTLY TO Seven non-profit charities helping bears around the world

An 8″ x10″ Appreciation Certificate Card with Every Teddy Bear Purchased!

Bears Matter Raised $5,850 in 2012!

Bears Matter would like to Sincerely Thank Nanaimo’s Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut Store for hosting our Xmas 2012 FundraiserBMXmas2012

We are proud to announce this year that a significantly higher total was achieved than last year to help five species of bears at home and afar. Our success would not have been realized without the hard work and commitment of the staff and manager at Nanaimo’s Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut store.

Of course Big Bear Hugs go out to all our wonderful supporters who purchased Warm Buddy gifts at our sale this season to help bears!

A grand total of $5,850 was raised from the sales of Luxurious Warm Buddy Bears, Moose, Penguins and bear paw mitts.  ‘Thank you Again Warm Buddy Co., for your continuing commitment and generousity to the Bears Matter Fund after 7 seasons! Also special Kudos to a bear’s best friend, Robyn Schade, for her graphic design work on the ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ over many years!

All Seven Non-Profit Charities receiving donations are well-known to Bears Matter and very deserving of our support.  We thank each organization for their endless hard work, personal sacrifices and passion so that bears may stay wild & alive and bear species overseas are saved from extirpation.

Here is how the donations were allotted this year:

1. Northern Lights Wildlife Society  www.wildlifeshelter.com   $1,000

2. Critter Care Wildlife Society www.crittercarewildlife.org $800 wholesale Warm Buddy Bears to sell in their Gift Shop

3. North Island Wildlife Recovery Society www.niwra.org $800 wholesale of Warm Buddy Bears to sell in their Gift Shop

4. Pacific Wild Alliance www.pacificwild.org $650

5. Spectacled Bear Conservation Society www.spectacledbearconservation.com $800

6. Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre http://sunbears.wildlifedirect.org  $800

7. Animals Asia www.animalsasia.org $1,000

Bears Matter, Chocolaterie Bernard Callebaut and Warm Buddy Company will continue to support bears through these organizations and look forward to adding deserving organizations in future.  Please make donations directly to these organizations anytime during the year as they receive no government funding for their on-going operations.

May 2013 see less bears trophy hunted, lose habitat, be injured, orphaned, illegally hunted and illegally trafficked for parts and bear bile!

Bears Matter!