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Bears Are My Neighbours, And You Wouldn’t Slaughter Your Neighbours by Chelsea Turner, Huffington Post


Watching a spirit bear at age two with my parents Jeff and Sue Turner on Princess Royal Island. (Photo: Charlie Russell)

Watching a spirit bear at age two with my parents Jeff and Sue Turner on Princess Royal Island. (Photo: Charlie Russell)

People ask me a lot why I stepped into the fight against bear trophy hunting (that is, killing bears for pleasure, then taking the head or paws as a “trophy”).

There is a stereotype about the sort of people who care about bears. They are made out to be sensitive city folk who can’t stomach the realities of life in the rest of B.C. “We must save those poor bears!” the Vancouverite exclaims over his $5 soy latte, having never seen a bear in his life, having no comprehension that small town B.C. is simply crawling with bears in need of firm government control.

That’s the stereotype anyway.

My story is not that simple. I live in Vancouver today, only a stones-throw from the urban thoroughfare of Granville Street, but I grew up outside a town of only 200 people, and spent large swaths of my childhood in the remote wilderness.

I’ve seen many hundreds of bears in my life. Grizzly bears grazing in the grassy foothills of the Rocky Mountains, mysterious white spirit bears slipping through the lush mossy trees of the Great Bear Rainforest, and curious black bears wandering across our lawn or climbing trees when spooked by our family’s Jack Russell terrier.

Bears to me are neighbours. They are not to be pitied and cooed over, not to be feared and warped into the hunter’s bogeyman. They are simply forces of nature. To see a grizzly bear in close proximity is to witness something so beautiful, so much a part of the landscape, that you can’t help but think, “This animal belongs here.” They are like the soul of the Earth made animate.

So how did I come to know bears this well?  Continue Reading at http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/british-columbia/   

Note from Bears Matter.. Sign and Share Petition http://tinyurl.com/ban-grizzly-hunt-2014 and/or email Premier@gov.bc.ca and you can find more action alerts and background on Bears Matter Action Page

Ontario’s politically convenient plan to revive spring bear hunt: Walkom

Photo Dreamstime  In 2012, the cash-strapped Liberal government cancelled its only substantive program for handling nuisance bears, something called trap and relocate, writes Thomas Walkom.

Photo Dreamstime
In 2012, the cash-strapped Liberal government cancelled its only substantive program for handling nuisance bears, something called trap and relocate, writes Thomas Walkom.


National Affairs, Published on Fri Mar 07 2014

Pity the bears. It seems they’ll be collateral damage from Ontario’s political wars.

The issue is the spring bear hunt. Premier Kathleen Wynne is proposing to start up this dubious practice again for a two-year trial period

Tim Hudak’s Conservatives want the hunt reinstated, period. Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats walk a delicate line of deliberate obscurity.

But all three parties are running scared — fearful that any opposition to a renewal of the spring hunt could endanger their chances in key northern ridings.

Conversely, if they appear too eager to see bears killed, they might lose southern votes in an election that could come this spring.

There are up to 105,000 black bears in Ontario — virtually all of them in the north. For several weeks each fall, it is perfectly legal to shoot and kill them.

Until 1999, licensed hunters could also shoot and kill bears each spring. Mothers and cubs were supposed to be given a free pass. But in the thrill of the chase, such niceties weren’t always observed.

The preferred method of hunting a bear is to entice the animal into a kill zone by planting bait — and then blast away from the safety of a raised platform.

Not very sporting perhaps. But effective.

Fifteen years ago, to the surprise of the sporting lobby, Conservative premier Mike Harris cancelled the spring hunt.

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Bears Matter Fundraiser Continues ALL Year Round at Country Club Centre in Nanaimo



News Alert!  Bernard Callebaut Chocolate Store in  Country Club Centre in Nanaimo is now continuing the sale of Warm Buddy Products to raise money for the Bears Matter Fund!  Half the proceeds from the sales will go to bears!

Please check out the FULL selection of Warm Buddy Warm Up Animals, wraps, robs, slippers, baby blankets etc… No tax has to be charged.  All credits and debit cards accepted!  Thank you for continuing to help the bears in this way. 

January NOTE from Christmas Fundraiser! Thank you to EVERYONE who came by the Bears Matter Booth in the month of December! Together we raised $5,300 plus $2,500 from Warm Buddy! Atleast 1,000 people were reached and 400 certificates given out. Stay tuned for other initiatives going forward in 2014! Of course Bear Hugs to Warm Buddy and Country Club Centre-Nanaimo, wouldnt have happened wout you!Dec'13Sale

Photo: Bears Matter Booth Dec 2013 

Fundraiser/Sale from November 29 to December 24, 2013

Country Club Centre, 3200 North Island Hwy, Nanaimo


A Free Certificate of Appreciation will be given out for every purchase of a Warm Buddy Product or Donation.  NEW! WildlifeSOS-India will be added this year to help the Sloth Bear making Eight Conservation Groups to benefit from this fundraiser.



2013, Moon Magazine Interview with Charlie Russell: Life Among Grizzlies

 Charlie Russell with Biscuit

Charlie Russell | Life among grizzlies or http://moonmagazine.org/charlie-russell-life-among-grizzlies-2013-09-01/6/ 

Charlie Russell grew up in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains, just outside of Waterton Lakes National Park. His father was famed guide and outfitter Andy Russell. Charlie and his brothers inherited their father’s fascination with wilderness and its inhabitants, including grizzlies. His brothers became biologists, studying bears and caribou. Charlie, however, was interested in studying bears from a sociological perspective, seeking to understand bear behavior—particularly grizzly behavior vis-à-vis humans. He studied bears […]

Charlie Russell’s Live Show Oct.19, 2013 with Special Guest Kevin Van Tighem

Charlie Russell Live Show Oct.19, 2013

Charlie Russell Live Show Oct.19, 2013   Special Guest MC Announced: Kevin Van Tighem, biologist, retired Banff Park Superintendent and best-selling author.

Bears Matter Attending 3rd Annual Advancing Bear Care Conference Oct’13! Yahoo!


Oct 2013 Advanding Bear Care Conference

Note from Bears Matter:  I am so looking forward to going to my third Advancing Bear Care conference this October since 2009.  On my return, I plan to post highlights of what I learn from this conference.  There is an outstanding list of speakers and participants from around the world that I admire and fully support in their work in bear conservation, research and education! Barb M.

From the conference home page:

​How do bears learn, problem solve, communicate, and respond to their environment? Join us at Advancing Bear Care 2013 – Understanding Bears to explore the cognitive and physical needs of captive bears, and learn how to provide stimulating complex natural environments to meet those needs. Go to ABC 2013 UPDATES for complete details on conference fees and activities.

To register for ABC 2013 Go to website for more information: http://www.bearcaregroup.org


Confirmed speakers include world leading experts in bear care, welfare, and conservation.

Robyn Appleton – Spectacled Bear Conservation – Peru

Dr. Heather Bacon – Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education

Dr. John Beecham – Bear Rehabilitation Research

Dr. Kelcey Burguess – American black bear/human living in New Jersey

Nicola Field – Animals Asia Foundation – China

Dr. Gabriella Fredriksson – Sun Bear Environmental Education Facility, Indonesia

Valerie Hare – The Shape of Enrichment

Angelika Langen – Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter

Tracy Leaver – Woodlands Wildlife Refuge

Dr. William McShea – Bears of China

David Morales – Queens Zoo

Else Poulsen – The Language of Bears

Jay Pratte – Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo, Operant Conditioning

Dr. Jill Robinson MBE – Animals Asia Foundation

Charlie Russell – Brown Bear Behavior  

Kartick Satyanarayan – Rescuing the last of the dancing bears of India

Dr. Geeta Seshamani – Caring for bears in India’s bear sanctuary 

Annemarie Weeganaar –  Animals Asia Foundation – Vietnam