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On Feb 15th A Communications Experiment: Tell the Premier Why You Oppose Killing Bears for Trophies

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Dear Friends,

 It’s not just you.  And, it’s not just conservation groups, not just scientists, and not just First Nations.  

Last summer, public reaction to NHL hockey player Clayton Stoner’s grizzly-head “selfie” made it abundantly clear that British Columbians, including most hunters, are offended by the killing of bears for trophies. Perhaps Clayton’s gruesome conduct reminded us of some terrible criminal act; or maybe we just don’t like people killing animals they aren’t going to eat. But apparently, the BC public don’t think it’s very cool to kill and decapitate a bear just for trophy.  

In fact, according to pollsters, nearly 90 percent of the BC public consider the killing of bears for trophies to be unethical and wrong, and they want it to stop.  Even BC’s leading newspapers are calling on the BC government to end to BC’s trophy hunt for grizzly and black bears.

 And yet, last month the BC government announced that it had decided to expand the trophy hunt for BC bears, starting 10 weeks from now, on April 1st, 2014.  

Evidently, Premier Christy Clark and her advisors are not getting the message.  

 We would therefore like to try something new, a bit of an EXPERIMENT. 


On Saturday, February 15th after 2pm until Sunday at Midnight, we invite Canadians to use mobile device to complete one or all three of the tasks below:

 1.  TEXT 39-39-39 with the keyword MYVOTE + your message to the Premier saying why BC needs to stop killing bears for trophies (no extra costs, repeat as often as you like)

2. TWEET your above message to the Premier @CHRISTYCLARKBC using the hashtag #NOTROPHYHUNT (repeat at will)

3.  Visit and share the real-time animated word cloud of TEXT and TWITTER messages: 

      LIVE LINK TO REAL-TIME MESSAGES:  http://j.mp/NoTrophyHunt2014

 (PS.  If you are somewhat tech savvy, we can share a javascript embed code that you can copy and paste into your blog or website.)




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